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  Printer Type Label Color Label Details  
  Inkjet Clear Avery 28667 Easy Peel Clear Return Address Labels (800)
  Inkjet White Avery 08167 Easy Peel White Return Address Labels (800)
  Laser Clear Avery 5660 Easy Peel Clear Return Address Labels (800)
  Laser White Avery 18167 Easy Peel White Return Address Labels (800)

Minute Labels creates perfectly sized PDF files that will print correctly every time. Sadly, many printers (in an attempt to be helpful) will resize or otherwise change the pages before printing: this is usually under printer settings such as Page Scaling or Auto-Rotate and Center. An example is shown below.

To get perfect labels you will want to change your printer settings to ensure that NO page scaling or centering occurs: in your PDF viewer your Print menu or button should open up a dialog similar to the one shown above (but not exactly: it will vary based on YOUR printer). Make sure that Page Scaling is turned off (in the image above it is set to None) and that auto-rotate and center is disabled.

TIP If you are using a color printer you can also save yourself some coin by configuring the printer to use grayscale or only black ink (in the image above you'll notice that Print color as black is checked). If you are printing lots of labels this could add up to a lot of expensive ink cartridges you WON'T have to buy.

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  • Unlimited prints
  • 1 connection
  • Google Contacts support
  • Highrise support



  • Unlimited prints
  • 2 connections
  • Google Contacts support
  • Highrise support



  • Unlimited prints
  • 5 connections
  • Google Contacts support
  • Highrise support
  • Label print history



  • Unlimited prints
  • 50 connections
  • Google Contacts support
  • Highrise support
  • Google Spreadsheet support
  • Label print history
  • Custom labels

Printing return address labels that work on our suggested label products is always free.

AlwaysAll plans come with 24/7 access and SSL security. All accounts are automatically created on the Tera plan for the first 30 days: no credit card is needed to sign up. After the trial period ends you will be prompted to sign up for a specific plan that suits your needs: if you decide not to use Minute Labels any more you can walk away without ever handing over your financial information. Depending on the plan you select certain features may no longer be available to your account: you can switch plans at any time.
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Simply create an account with your email address. You can either provide a password or authenticate with a Google account. If you use a Google account you will immediately have access to your Google contacts or Google spreadsheets, and you can also connect to a Highrise account. Once you are connected you can start printing address labels: no questions asked. After 30 days if you don't feel it is worth $5 then you don't have to do anything: you'll never get charged. The clock starts ticking on your free trial as soon as you connect a Google or Highrise account. A Google or Highrise connection can only be used with at most 1 trial account: once the trial period is over only paid plans will be able to print labels from connections that have previously been used with a trial account.

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Minute Labels is by IdeaSynthesis, a technology development firm based in Boston. We came up with the idea when we had to perform our first mass paper mailing and realized just how bad the existing address label printing solutions are. After looking at this, this and this (and a host of other similar results) we decided that there HAD to be a better way to go about printing out our addresses than exporting to a CSV, massaging the data into the appropriate format, importing it into Excel and performing a mail merge. That simply could NOT be the best solution possible. And here we are today: we don't know if this is the best solution possible, but we definitely think this IS a much better way to go about printing addresses. Try it: let us know what you think.

We are not hard to find. Reach us at

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